A Citation Analysis of the Doctoral Dissertations Submitted to the Department Of English, Gauhati University, India during 2009-2012

Seema Devi1 Rajdeep Das2


Citation analysis is a major thrust area of bibliometric research today. It is the most important and effective means of getting useful information about the literature in each and every field . The present study is based on 908 citations appended to six theses submitted to the Department of English, Gauhati University for the award of doctoral degree during the period 2009-2012. Several bibliographic parameters including number of citations received, different bibliographic forms, authorship pattern, collaborative coefficient, obsolescence age etc have been used to carry out the analysis of the received data. The study shows that books are the most preferred sources of information used by the researchers in the field of English Literature, which contributes 77% of the total citation while the second popular source of information is periodicals i.e.15%. . Journal citation is very less in comparison to book citation. The researchers show much tendency towards citing the older literature like a decade or so in their works. The authorship pattern reveals that one-authored publications contributed 85.1 % of the total citation. The collaborative coefficient calculated is .10.



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