Revisiting Koch-Mughal Relations: A Political History from Alliance to Disintegration

Durgeswar Sahariah1 Tarun Kumar Halder2.


The Koches are one of the earliest settlers primarily from the ancient Kamrupa-Kamata Kingdom. They are basically adulteration of Kacharis, Lalungs, Mikirs and Garos and one of the major groups of Mongoloid stock and mostly inhabited in Lower Assam and North Bengal. In Puranas and Tantras, Koches are recordeded as “Kuvacha” whose original paradise was North Bengal and Goalpara. Biswa Singh laid to the foundation of Koch dynasty in the first half of the 16th century. His reign is marked as the beginning point of relation with the Muhammadans. During his reign the Muhammadans invaded his neighbouring Ahom Kingdom more than one time. Although the route opted by the Muhammandans to invade Kamrupa was far from his capital but, it inflicted his mind that his territory might be captured by the Muhammadans after that of the Ahoms. With the view to save his kingdom, he assisted the Ahoms against the Muhammadans in 1532 and drove away the Muhammadans as far as Karatoya River. After his death, with the perseverance of Naranarayan and Chilarai the Kingdom of the Koches took a static figure. The mutual relation between the Koches and the Mughals is said to be started in 1578, while Koch King sought Mughal help to attack Padshah of Gaur. Unfortunately, the partition of the Koch Kingdom into two parts led to weakening of strength of old Koch Kingdom. On account of mutual suspicions and rivalries, each of them sought foreign help to save their respective territories. Finally, both halves of Koch Kingdom fall prey of Mughal aggression.       



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